Rock and Roll

“The thing that experience has taught me above all else is the primacy of fun and frolics and devilment and mischief and joy as a defiant act of our mortality.  That brings us back to rock and roll.  That’s where U2 came from.”  Bono

When I heard Bono speak this in an interview, I said Yessss!!!!!   This is why I love music and live concerts. I am so grateful for music and musicians.

Music is where I feel free. Music is where my body and mind become one with the energy of music.  Music is where I feel bliss and have fun.  Music is where I connect with others. Music is where I feel my most authentic self.  Music is where I frolic and jump head first into devilment and mischief and joy.  Music allows me to be present and forget the world for 2 hours.  Music celebrates life, living out loud, and freedom.

So……… I just got tickets for Melissa Etheridge and I am going to get U2 tickets in two weeks!

Rock and Roll speaks to our darkness, our fight for authenticity, and our right to let it all out!!!!!!

Totally Loving Now!

Where do you feel free and authentic?  Where do you feel a place to let it out? Where do you feel a place where you can dip your toe into the frolic, fun, and joy?

I Would Burn for You

Dalton’s original song about his ex girlfriend. It is very emotional and raw. Dalton is a talented songwriter and performer. I was blessed to see him live and experience him in all his glory. When the music starts, Dalton becomes the music. He closes his eyes and opens his soul. His entire body becomes the song he is singing; it is very moving. He interacts with his fans and audience literally and figuratively. He comes into the crowd, and when he performs you feel the excitement or the sadness or the joy inside yourself. His solo album is coming out in October and then he will tour. Dalton had been negotiating with record companies, but in the end he and a friend from Blue October decided to create their own label. I am so happy for Dalton, because now the record company can’t put Dalton in a box, and there is no way Dalton would allow that; he is all about being an individual and self expression on his terms. I love that about Dalton, because I am that way too; it’s the only way to truly live!