My Passion/Hardest Working Band


Yessss!!!!!!!!!  I woke up to this lovely email yesterday. I didn’t even know they were doing a summer tour, which they always do, but they just finished this last one so it never entered my mind. Nobody knew; they just sent out a tweet and codes. I’ve got my code and I’ve picked my venue and the girls are all going this time, instead of by myself. We have been going together every summer for years.

The best part is the meet and greet I had won at the Beacon Theater in October had a plus one, but since I didn’t have someone to bring they said I could save it for another show. So guess who is going to meet Johnny this summer…………… me!!!!!!!!!

I am beyond excited; I find myself planning my outfit and what I want to say and then I remind myself it’s 8 months away!! I breathe. Jumping up and down in my head and literally last night when I was told I could use my meet and greet.

If you have a passion in life, make time for it, save money for it, and live it. I met a man at a meet up group who was in his 60’s and we were talking about life and my concerts and experiences and he said he wished he was more of a person who went after what he wants, and I thought omg that is so sad. Of course it’s not too late, but I thought about all the years he didn’t go after what he wanted and how he let them pass him by. Don’t let life pass you by. Explore and find what excites you and in the words of John Rzeznik: “Get up, get out, and get done.”

What makes you want to jump up and down?  What brings you so much joy that the anticipation is so intense it takes over your brain? Maybe try different things and learn about what brings you joy.

So Monday morning the routine is be sure I’m signed into ticketmaster, be sure I’m signed into goo goo dolls site,  be sure I have my code in front of me, be sure phone is set up in case I have trouble with desktop (which happened for U2), and sit at computer waiting for the clock to hit 10 o’cock and go!  Happy happy joy joy!!!

Oh, did I mention they are working on their 13th studio album???  I did now:)

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