Life is made up of experiences

Screenshot_20181016-092430_MessagesIMG_20181016_002341_098 HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Met the boys again this year in NYC, at the Beacon Theater. The band is touring on the 20th anniversary of the album Dizzy Up the Girl. It was 3 sets. The first set was the complete album. The second one was a few acoustics by John with John (look it up). The third set was deep cuts and obscure songs. I couldn’t believe I heard Hate this Place live; I sang every word to every song and jumped up and down, in heels;)  I wanted to look good for Johnny. I caught his eye a few times while waiting for my turn!

This year I made an effort to be calm and not ramble and be loud and intense, which I often am.

Traci:  Hi John I’m Traci

John:  Hi Traci, hug

Traci: (my hand on his shoulder and him leaning in to hear me)  I got this meet and greet through the auction and I used to be a teacher so it was special for me to be able to help out the kids in Buffalo.

John: Awww…. thank you. 2nd hug


John: Have fun tonight!

Traci: Don’t worry I will!

Then I sat down in my orchestra front and center seat, right next to the sound guys!

The concert was amazing; my seat was great. Johnny was on fire and hysterical with his usual banter. His daughter and wife were sitting behind me, because she always sits behind the soundboard. His daughter had headphones on to protect her hearing. I wonder if she can hear all his f bombs. He says he can’t help it; it’s in his nature. lol

I have maybe 6 pairs of shoes, 5 or 6 jackets, lots of old clothes that still look good, about 30 concerts shirts, a Kia, and books. I don’t like to shop unless I want something specific, like my combat boots I just bought.  I love live music, and trying new things, reading a new book, downloading songs on Itunes, so I can connect and dance and escape. My next concert is The Struts; they are playing locally!

Recently John did a very exclusive interview about the day he entered rehab. He’s four years sober now and I’m happy for him. I don’t know how he maintains his sobriety in that crazy world. He says he goes to meetings and the house is alcohol free. He spent 3 months in rehab. He said he cried a lot. The most beautiful thing he said was, “I want to make choices through the eyes of my daughter and I want her to be proud of me.”

I so appreciate all their hard work, riding buses, flying in planes, driving in cars, performing night after night, writing, and their humble and grateful outlook. Just 2 young teenagers living in attics with a dream and in John’s words from the concert: “I said please God inspire me to write a song so I can get the fuck out of this shit hole.”

And Name was born.

Experiences, not things, that’s me.



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