Why is it so hard for people to be honest?  Over time, our country and our leaders and the government have become unclear or downright lied.  I am now seeing this lack of transparency everywhere today.  We have all of these Hollywood people being called out on their deplorable and illegal behavior. I knew about the saying “casting couch,” but I never would have thought women and men were being raped or sexually violated at such alarming rates. And then these women and men would have to work with these Hollywood big wigs and smile and take pictures with them.  I can’t imagine the fear they lived with and how worthless these men made their victims feel. I do think it is great that men and women are coming forward with story after story and naming names publicly. In addition, I am happy to see the responses by their employers, such as immediately being removed from jobs and agencies.  Louis C.K was the only one who said Yes I did it, and he went into detail about what he did. Everyone else, just like our government, said I didn’t do that, or I don’t remember, or I was drunk.  I am fed up with people not being honest and this is happening everywhere.

This week there was a presale for U2 tickets for their upcoming spring tour. On November 1st all the information was released about how they were going to be using Ticketmaster’s verified fan system for this tour.  The U2 site told the fans exactly what to do to make sure they got a code for the sale.  One thing was to renew our fan club memberships or sign up for one.  I haven’t missed a U2 tour since 1985.  I decided to go with the presale, so I signed up for the 50 dollar membership. I set up my account as they told us to do and waited. First they said we would get an email the night before the sale and then a code texted to our phone the day of the sale. While I was fortunate to get tickets, many fans did not.  Some never received emails or codes; some had codes that didn’t work, and some got codes too late. But here is the part that we are truly upset about:  when fans contacted Ticketmaster during the presale to tell them they didn’t get a code, they said it was a lottery.  Fans were shocked. The U2 site and the Ticketmaster site did not state that it was a lottery.  We were led to believe we would get a code because we did everything they said to do.  When Ticketmaster finally started responding to tweets about the problem, they said I’m sorry you were not selected to receive a code.  Then they said it was all done by an algorithm!  It’s one thing to have technical problems, but it’s a whole other thing to delude us about how the system was truly going to work.  So here is another example of a lack of transparency and I’m sure it’s all about money.  U2 and their people are aware of the situation, but we haven’t heard from them yet.  They need to say this was a mistake and we are sorry, and then figure out a way to fix it. Ticketmaster and Live Nation also need to be accountable.  I’m frustrated with people who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions.  I get it that stuff will happen, but stand up and be accountable for the results.  I feel empathy for the fans that didn’t get tickets and I feel lucky that I did get tickets.

I am noticing this lack of clarity everywhere and it frightens me. What are we to do when our leaders are evasive?  They need to be an example for us and they are seriously failing.  Somehow over time, people are lying more or hiding or passing the buck, which happened during the presale. U2 said it’s not our issue; it’s Ticketmaster.  Guess what Ticketmaster said?  People are not being honest with themselves, marriages and families are crumbling because of dishonesty and ignoring reality, companies are knowingly using defective materials in consumer goods. For example, there was a huge air bag recall and the company from Japan knowingly sold them to car dealers. There was a lawsuit and they lost.  I do tend to be naive and I like to think the best of people,  but when I read stuff like that I am flabbergasted.  I know this is totally off topic, but how in holy hell did that DJ think it was okay to put his hand under Taylor Swift’s dress and grab her ass and hold it as a picture was taken??  I saw the picture and you can see his hand is on her ass.  What did he say?  I was touching her back, bullshit!  And the courts knew it was bullshit so she was vindicated. He lost his job and tried to counter sue and the judge dismissed the case.  The complete audacity of him to do that astounds me. People in power can be dangerous and the more money and power they have the more they feel entitled to whatever they want, regardless of other people’s rights.

Let’s start with ourselves.  Let’s be transparent about our feelings,actions, and responses. Let’s say we made a mistake and apologize.  Let’s be the example for others.

Thank you for reading this long post.  The whole U2 thing sparked this message in me.

Here’s to being real!


One thought on “Transparency

  1. jennymarie4 says:

    Great post, Traci! You’re so right, and it’s awful how great an issue this is. Sad! A lack of clarity is everywhere. I tend to believe people, to really want to believe them, and am naive that anyone or any company would do terrible things… on purpose! But it does happen. Ugh. Hope you’re doing well! xx


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