A Beautiful Distraction

Sometimes I need a beautiful distraction from all this pain, somewhere to go, something to do, but nothing to  gain

I need a beautiful distraction….maybe a mountain, a song, or your face. I need a beautiful distraction to get out of this place. I need a distraction for just one day, to make all the ache go away

I know it’s not smart to push it down, but just for today, let’s pretend it’s not around.

I can’t promise you sunshine, rainbows, and roses, but I can promise you love in the glow of a moment

I need a distraction for just one day, to push it all away

Will you be my distraction? I think I found my distraction and found my way to get myself out from under this pain

Please be my beautiful distraction, for just one day…

Hold me and tell me it’ll be okay, just for a moment, look in my eyes and tell me the future and tell me the lies.

Be my distraction

My beautiful distraction

Written by Traci A. Halpin

Scrappy little nobody

20161114_1713330“That’s not a thing and you’re not the boss of me.” Becca from Pitch Perfect

Here I am once again seizing the moment….. meeting Ana Kendrick at one of her book tour stops. She presigned all the books when she got there, and then we did a meet and greet. They took so many pictures of us, and I chose to share this one. I told her my favorite line from the movie (see above) and she said, “Works for me.”

She is so tiny and adorable, but most of all so sweet. And check out those shoes! I love being part of something special, and if I can make it happen I will do it. I got there at 2 30 and she was starting at 6! I was 20th in line outside; my friend came by and brought me Starbucks…blessed! I made friends with the people on line; it was almost like being at a concert. There’s nothing like bonding with a group of people who are all excited about the same thing; the energy is palpable. The girls I made friends with were in college, and we talked about seizing the moment. One of the girls said, “I love the way you live, no regrets.”  I loved hearing that because it’s true and fun to share with others.

Ana considers herself to be a scrappy little nobody and a weirdo. I say hail to the weirdos of the world, including myself 😉

Looking forward to seizing the next moment in life!

Try it out because you never know!