20160925_080128On Sunday September 25th I had a car accident. As I saw the other car jump out in front of me I couldn’t stop in time. I knew we were going to hit. In those seconds, I thought : what is going to happen to me?  Am I going to be okay?  How is this going to change my life? We crashed and I remember the sound. As we crashed those thoughts went through my mind. When it was over, I looked down and checked myself. I had some burns and the air bag was deployed. I called 911. Strangers came to my car and talked to me and made sure I was okay. The emergency personnel were there right away. I went to the hospital and got checked out. Whiplash, internal chest contusions, and chemical burns. My chest is killing me. It hurts when I sneeze or cough or even move in my sleep. Thank God nothing was broken. The other driver was okay too. I can see the tire marks when I drive past the spot of the accident and I can hear that sound…crash, and I remember my head going forward and then back. Please drive carefully and look around even at green lights. In 2 weeks my insurance company took care of everything and today I picked up my new car, which I paid for bc the other one was a lease.

My lesson is: PAY ATTENTION



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