Troubles will come and they will pass, but so will good times

First let me say the first line is not mine; it is LS.

While sitting outside my daughter’s school waiting for her to come out, I was thinking about my life. I told myself that living with my parents is temporary, and waiting to see what happens with my finances is temporary. Then all of a sudden I realized everything is temporary. In the Buddhist tradition, they say everything is temporary and they use skulls to remind us of that; I have a skull bracelet.  See I thought it meant that things that are temporary meant they didn’t last long, but as I sat there I realized everything really is temporary. For example, life is temporary because we die. A marriage can be temporary either because of divorce or death. So just because we may live to 90, life is still temporary. I think when most people think of the word temporary, they are referring to transitions or tough times, but good times are temporary too. My goo goo dolls show was temporary; an illness is temporary even if it kills you.

As human beings we hunger for security, but there really is none; it is all an illusion. I had a well paying job and had my retirement plans set, and now I am living with my parents. I believe it is harmful to view anything as permanent, because it is not. When we think something is permanent and it is taken away, we are devastated. Perhaps if we truly faced the truth that everything really is temporary, whether it’s an hour, a week, or 40 years, we would be able to accept the loss with less shock and denial. Of course loss is painful and that is not going to change, but maybe if we remind ourselves that everything comes to an end, it can soften the blow.

Most importantly, since everything is temporary we need to savor every day and make sure we are living our truth. In addition, as we move through our experiences in life knowing things are not secure and ever lasting, it is our responsibility to live a joyful life and to be joyful towards others.

Savor the moments.

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