Dreams Come True

20160725_213633Yay I met Dalton Rapattoni!!!!  The concert was amazing! I was literally banging my head, ode to the 80s! 🎸✌ Dalton was so sweet.  Here’s how it went: Hi Dalton I’m Traci. Hi Traci I’m Dalton. Nice to meet you. Signs my shirt and then I give him gifts. He loves to take baths; it’s his thing. Dalton I have some presents for you. This one is first…tub markers! Dalton: oh cool, I love to take baths…shows his friend! Card with beautiful painting of flowers (his favorite )…Oh wow this is beautiful. Turns card over and sees dog tag picture  with Simple Man on it (he wears that around his neck ). Oh wow that’s so cool…thank you. Ok last present… what’s this? William Blake’s poetry…oh cool. Thank you. I bought him William Blake’s essential poetry book bc he lived as an individual and he was about non conforming. I have lived this way since middle school, and Dalton lives this way.

Can I have a hug? Sure…didn’t want to let go😂 Time for picture : I am holding him tight❤ Bye..thank you so much. Love our matching converse😊 Thanks to the Highline Ballroom in NYC and  School of Rock. Monday July 25th…best night ever!

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