This is a beautiful song about letting the past go and moving forward. Danny came in third on American Idol, not sure what season. Four weeks before his audition his wife died in heart surgery. Danny heard this song, and decided to record it. If you are going through a hard time, if you are hanging on to the past, this is a very uplifting message to let it all go. As Danny says, “You don’t live there anymore.”

I find it inspiring and when it came on the radio in my car, I wondered who is this because this song is speaking to me. I googled it and found out all about it. Danny tells the story of how this song came about; it is chilling, in a good way. Basically, God came through a heart surgeon to help a woman’s heart “beat again.”

Listen to the song and know that things will get better and you will come out the other side; I have to tell myself that every day.

Moving forward, tell your heart to beat again.


Enjoy the Rain

Dalton Rapattoni_3_04-09-16“And it’s okay to be sad, it’s alright to be hurt

And it’s okay to cry when your face is in the dirt

but don’t look back on those things with pain

Enjoy the rain

Enjoy the rain”

The Rain by Dalton Rapattoni

I love this song because it’s about taking our painful experiences and seeing them in a different light. Rain makes flowers bloom, grass grow, and gives the earth one of our greatest needs…water.

The rain in our lives, though it may be difficult at the time, helps us grow. If you are stuck in the rain, know that it’s watering your soul, and know that you are growing. Time will reveal the new growth, just like the blossoms.

The rain is just as important as the sun. Both are vital; both are needed.  So see if you can somehow “enjoy the rain.”

Enjoy the rain,

Traci      PS  How cute is he????  lol